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7 things to love about our little town

By Pacific National
Cook town sign

Image by Amanda Slater (Flickr) – Cook SA

Most people don’t know that Pacific National effectively own and runs a ghost-town. But the town of Cook is more than just a quirky outpost in the middle of the Nullarbor.

  • The nearest town, Eucla, is over 200km to the west of Cook
  • It is considered the half-way point across the Nullarbor between Port Augusta and Kalgoorlie; both over 800km away!
  • The town is home to 6 residents, and the temporary home for Pacific National crews from Port Augusta and Kalgoorlie
  • It’s exactly 100 years old – and once had a school, hospital and telephone exchange
Image by Spelio

Image by Spelio (Flickr) – Cook school on the Nullarbor

  • The town is made up of a few houses, large barracks for the visiting Pacific National crews, a fuel and water farm, the original gaol
Image by Amanda Slater

Image by Amanda Slater (Flickr) – Historical Gaol Cells of Cook. SA

  • Residents are the full-time caretakers of the barracks for Pacific National crews – they manage the cleaning, repairs, maintenance, and the water and fuel farms
  • The town relies on the trains going through to bring it food and drink, and all crews have to bring their foodstuff for the duration of their stay – which can be up to 4 days

But things are looking up for our little town… Great Southern Rail is turning the abandoned buildings of Cook into a walking tour – each with its own plaque and story. As the Indian Pacific has to stop in the town, it’s a great opportunity to get people interested in its history!