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Spotlight on Kalgoorlie – astonishing innovation in the Nullabor

By Pacific National

Our Western Australia sites are geographically far removed from their eastern counterparts, but the dedication, achievements and commitment of our people at these sites is changing the way Pacific National does business.

No site shows this better than Kalgoorlie. 650km east of Perth, Kalgoorlie’s isolation from other sites has allowed the depot to develop an innovative and team-focused culture to combat the unforgiving conditions.

Working crews are made up of one to four people, and despite the distance and time they spend away from the Kalgoorlie depot, they are always kept up to date with the relevant news and notices. Pre-shift information sessions or “Toolbox Talks” are taken very seriously – keeping staff up to date, no matter where they are.

Our people

The team is a diverse group of people from many different backgrounds. A number of years ago it was realised the depot was aging, so with this in mind the decision was made to start recruiting trainee enginemen. This has turned out to be a huge success and has ensured the depot has a stable, diverse and well-trained group to see it through.

 “I think everyone in WA is working hard to make Pacific National a safe, efficient and successful company… and I think this is demonstrated so strongly in the Kalgoorlie depot; in the employees’ and managements’ flexibility to get the job done with a minimum of fuss and complaining despite the extreme conditions and isolation” – Depot Manager, Patrick Sayers.

Innovations in fuel efficiency

The distance between Kalgoorlie and its connecting sites meant that the depot was one of the biggest consumers of fuel in Pacific National. However the Kalgoorlie team has taken this in their stride and is now one of the leaders in driving fuel efficiencies in Pacific National and across the industry. Last financial year the site reduced their fuel consumption by about 400,000 litres below target, efficiency that has been improving year on year.


Safety is paramount for the Kalgoorlie team. Being so isolated means that the team relies on each other to watch out for safety risks and keep focused on the safety messages. The teamwork must have worked – the site has recently celebrated more than 7 years Lost Time Injury (LTI) free. This is an amazing record for Pacific National, and one which surpasses most of our competitors.